Grain Bags doubled its turnover in 2021 and prepares a complete financial solution for farmers

Grain Bags Romania, silobag storage supplier, generated 2.2 million euros turnover last year, double comparing with 2020, when the turnover had slightly exceeded 1 million euros and for 2022 predicts a 77% increase.

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How does the silobag withstand the cold season?

The winter can be a challenge for machinery, agricultural crops or animals. But not for silobag system because the giant bags withstand strong wind, rain, heavy snow or even frost.

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Why accessories are necessary, after buying a silobag?

After buying a house, you need furniture and decorations. The silobag follows the same principle. After purchasing the bags, you need the accessories. Why? Because: • are only 5 accessories in total; • all have low acquisition…

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How to preserve crimping ? – one of the most important sources of energy for cows

Crimping corn or HM corn (high moisture = high humidity) or corn paste provides the animal with almost 80% of its energy needs and about 50% of its protein needs. And, this essential “food” in feed, can…

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