Why accessories are necessary, after buying a silobag?

After buying a house, you need furniture and decorations. The silobag follows the same principle. After purchasing the bags, you need the accessories. Why? Because:
• are only 5 accessories in total;
• all have low acquisition costs;
• help you check any time the grain condition: moisture, color, smell;
• offer quick and effective solutions for certain unforeseen events, such as cuts of the silobag foil.

1. Protective net for silobag

An essential element in the range of accessories is the protective net, which sits over the silobag along its entire length. This protects the bag from rodents, crows attacks or from other damages caused by extreme weather phenomena, such as hail. Once purchased, the net can be reused year after year, for 10 years. So, this is an investment that pays off over time.

2. Silobag sealer

Its role is to achieve airtight closure of the bag without which, the grains cannot be stored in optimal conditions. The sealers are sold in boxes, each with a length of 75 meters per box.

3. Inspection valve with flap

If you want to periodically check the grain inside the silobag, then you need an inspection valve with flap.

4. Silobag perforator

A special tool made to perforate the foil for installing the inspection valve.

5. Scotch tape for silobag

If the silobag foil has been cut, you don’t have to worry, because the bag is easy and quick to repair, if you have silobag scotch tape, specially created to withstand rain and snows. The tape measures are: width – 10 cm, length – 10 m, thickness – 0.15 mm.

“The most important aspects for any farmer are the safety of the seeds and the crop quality preservation, that is why more than 80% of our customers chose to purchase also the accessories when buying a silobag. The best-selling accessory is the sealer, followed by the protective net and the scotch tape”, explains Narcis Ranghiuc, Grain Bags general manager.

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