What equipment you need to load grain or feed into the silobag?

Depending on the raw material you want to store, you have several silobag loading machines at your disposal. They can be paid in full or in installments, rented, or services can be requested from the qualified personnel…

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7 years of Grain Bags Romania, in numbers

More than 1.5 million tons of grain stored in silobags, more than 500 satisfied customers, an increasingly varied range of silage machines, 2 types of silobags: Plus and Premium, 2 open offices in Romania and about 15…

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10 common mistakes when storing in silobags

Storing efficiently in silobags means following some rules during storage. Breaking these rules brings with it a series of problems that can endanger the grain or feed inside the giant bags. Let’s see which are the most…

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Grain Bags has done the math. See how much the farmers who stored wheat in silobags earned in 2021

About 35,000 Euros. That’s the profit obtained for storing 500 tons of wheat for 6 months in the silobag system. That’s a 32% increase in profit, compared to selling immediately after harvest, according to Grain Bags analysis…

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