Silobag accessories

Silobag protective net

It protects the bag from rodents or crows attacks, or from other damage that can be caused by extreme weather phenomena, such as hail.

light and durable

dimensions: 6 x 25 meters | 3 x 10 meters

over 10 years durability

easy handling – weight of 290 g/m2

manufactured from 100% regenerated raw materials on HDPE

Silobag temperature probe – hand held

Used to extract samples, but also to measure temperature.

electronic display for temperature measurement in piles, bales, heads

size: 1.5 m

measuring range: -10 to +70°C

extraction of grain samples

measurement of CO2 carbon dioxide concentration

Silobag sealer

Its role is to achieve airtight closure of the bag without which, the grains cannot be stored in optimal conditions.

75 linear metres per box

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Scotch tape for silobag

If the silobag foil has been cut, it can be easily repaired with a special adhesive tape.

rain and snow resistant

measurements: width 10 cm | length: 10 m | thickness: 0.15 mm

Inspection valve with flap

You can check easy and fast the grain stored in silobag, by using this inspection valve.

Silobag perforator

A special tool made to perforate the foil for installing the inspection valve.

Other products

Silo foil

Used to protect feed

extremely high density, tear resistance

width of 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 or 16 m

length of 50 m

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Big Bags

They are used for packing and transporting agricultural and food industry products.

capacities from 500 to 1,000 kg

can be printed on the bag (logo, for example)

made of propylene granule fabric, with U.V. stabilization.

Farm tents

They can be used as a shed for hay, a garage for equipment or as a shelter for animals.

durable, economical and does not require a foundation

easy to assemble/disassemble thanks to the cross-base and seamless assembly system

optimized volumes ranging from 4.5 to 12 m depending on the model.

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