How does the silobag withstand the cold season?

The winter can be a challenge for machinery, agricultural crops or animals. But not for silobag system because the giant bags withstand strong wind, rain, heavy snow or even frost.

1. The silobag withstands up to -20 degrees Celsius

Over the years, the silobag has proven to cope well with the weather, having a foil specially created to increase its resistance in such situations. Therefore, both the bag and the grain or feed inside are protected throughout the storage period. Specifically, the silobag has shown to withstand temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius without showing any signs of degradation. Also, the grains kept all their properties intact (color, moisture, smell), without the risk of freezing.

Strong winds are not a danger either for the silobags because the bag is placed horizontally on the ground and has high stability.

Even if the huge bags are buried in the snow, there is no need to worry. The Silobag holds up well under snowdrifts and you don’t have to clean it.

2. Preparing the field were the silobags will be stored is essential

“It is recommended that the field where the silobag will be placed to be cleaned in advance and the bags must be laid on a layer of sand, if possible. Only then should the bags that will catch the cold season be placed. I would also recommend choosing a slightly inclined area, so that the water does not pool and no moisture could form under the bags”, Eugen Voicu, a farmer from Ilfov county, who works 2,000 ha.

3. The grain can be checked anytime, even in winter

“Many farmers have chosen to fit a check valve with flap, into the silobag. And with the help of a grain sampling probe, they can reach the grain and check how it looks like at any time. There were cases, when there were differences between the quality of the harvest from storage and that from sampling because the farmers did not inspect the silobag and didn’t notice the holes in the foil, that can easily be stick with a special scotch tape”, explains Narcis Ranghiuc, Grain Bags general manager.

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