What equipment you need to load grain or feed into the silobag?

Depending on the raw material you want to store, you have several silobag loading machines at your disposal. They can be paid in full or in installments, rented, or services can be requested from the qualified personnel from Grain Bags.

Grain Profi – our best-selling silobag loader

Our star machine in the loader category, our most sold and rented equipment. Grain Profi has an important advantage – a filling rate between 150 and 300 tons per hour.
Since being in our offer, Grain Profi has achieved a record of 2,500 tons, loaded in a single day, feeding by bucket.
It comes equipped with:
– a grain bin with 5 cubic meters capacity
– a tunnel where the silobag is placed
– an auger that automatically picks up the grain from the truck and transports it to the machine’s tank.
The machine is coupled at the back of the tractor, and the silobag is placed and attached around the tunnel.
So, Grain Profi is a single machine that offers you two loading options. Either with the help of the side auger that is purchased separately from the machine (the machine is fed directly from the trailer’s chute), or with the front loader, the air trailer, directly from the combine – the grain being inserted directly into the Grain Profi vat.

M&S Silograin Zero Energy for silobag loading without a tractor

Grain Bags is the first company in Romania that managed to bring M&S Silograin Zero Energy from Argentina. The machine was presented for the first time, at the Agriplanta fair, organized in Fundulea, in Călărași county.
This is also a machine for loading grain into a silobag, its specificity consists in the fact that it does not require a tractor or an engine. The machine uses only the gravity of the grain to load the crop into the giant bags.
M&S Silograin Zero Energy is available for sale or rent. The firs loader was already bought by a farmer from Arad County.

Mainero, the newest machine in the Grain Bags portofolio

Suitable for small and medium farms, Mainero is the newest loading machine in the Grain Bags offer.
With a productivity of 60-80 tons/hour depending on the product stored, this machine can be loaded directly from the trailer or bucket.

Keep the animal feed in the silobag

The Manitoba is our most requested feed loader and it can be used for ensiling: maize silage, grass/alfalfa, whole plant silage, brewers’ grains, sugar beet pulp. Its working capacity is 60-120 tons/hour.

Martinez Staneck M699 double-use mill: for grinding and storing crimping (maize paste) in silobags. It has a grinding capacity of 15 tons of feed/hour.

The EB 308 and EB 310 loaders are two machines that help you quickly and efficiently load feed into silobags. They have a loading rate between 35 and 50 tons/hour. The two machines are not available for rent, they can only be bought.

“Starting this year, farmers can purchase their machinery from us in installments, with the support of our partner BT Leasing. This partnership is a big step forward and we can see how the number of machines purchased has increased compared to last year. This happens not only because of this partnership, but also because more and more farmers have convinced themselves of the silobag system efficiency.”, says Narcis Ranghiuc, Grain Bags general manager

About Grain Bags

It is a Romanian company, established in 2015, which provides the silobag storage solution (industrial bag, made of elastic polyethylene, that ensures the harvest preservation in optimal conditions). Grain Bags is the only company in Romania that has silobag system specialists that can advise farmers when storing grain or feed.
Grain Bags sells both the giant bags called silobags and silobag loading/unloading machines, rents the machines, but also provides services with qualified staff. The offer also includes: mills that grind and load into silobags, feed loading machines, dryers and trailers for grain transport.
Grain Bags silobags are imported from Germany and Argentina and represent the most economical method of storing grain and feed, on the Romanian market. Request an offer at: 0767.770.376 / 0743.495.355 / 0739. 682.107 or info@grainbags.ro

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