Three major agribusiness players talk about the experience of using the silobag system

Lucian Buzdugan – Grup Aldahra-Agricost supervisor, Alexandru Baciu – LAPAR vice-president and Ionel Apostu – Prutul SA Silos Division manager, operate in different agriculture sectors, such as land cultivation, cow breeding, oil processing and they all successfully store their products in the Grain Bags silobags.

1. Grain Bags online event

“Increase your profit in the farm. Choose silo bag storage!”, third edition event, organized on January 21, 2021.
Narcis Ranghiuc, Grain Bags general manager, explain all about the silobag technology, emphasizing its benefits. The event was moderated by journalist Tudor Calotescu.

2. Silobag is a permanent technology in Brăila Big Island

In his intervention, Lucian Buzdugan made an interesting brief regarding the silobag worldwide history then stating how amazed he was when he noticed how all farms in Argentina were successfully using this innovative storage system.
“I remembered the DuPont offer. Mr. Vasile Iosif told me about these huge bags, but I was reluctant at the time. But now I understand that nothing preserved better than a hermetically sealed plastic, where the grains, which are living organisms, consume the oxygen and the carbon dioxide is eliminated, which together with the nitrogen, becomes a preservative. A great benefit is that the silobag protects dry grains as well as wet ones, of course, up to a certain level and for a certain period”.

Lucian Buzdugan also mentioned that the silobag has become a permanent technology in Braila Big Island, because of the many advantages.
“Now I can speak from experience and the results obtained made me change the technology. Just as each of us has the sown technology, weed control, treatments, harvesting, we also have silobag technology as permanent. We almost no longer conceive of sowing wheat, corn, barley, soy, without the silobag storage technology” – Lucian Buzdugan, Grup Aldahra-Agricost supervisor.

The biggest advantage that the silobag provides you, apart from the fact that the stored product keeps its qualities unaltered, is that you can harvest without being limited by the means of transport. Before, in the Brăila Big Island, we used to harvest, take everything to the farm and the losses were enormous. Since we use silobags, everything we harvest we put in these bags. The combine doesn’t stop for a minute and that means optimal harvesting time. It means working the combine at full capacity. Before we made 50-100 tons per combine/day and today we make 400 t per combine/day, because of these silobags”.
Lucian Buzdugan also specified that the dryer cannot cope with all the production it registers and, in this case, the silobag is the optimal option to save the harvest.
“The costs are between 2.5 euros – 3.5 euros/ton, but you amortize them from the other advantages. If you calculate all the losses, but also the risks, you realize that you are in profit. That’s because, when winter is coming and you realize that you haven’t finished harvesting, you have corn with 19-21% humidity and after a month you have to start drying the corn. If I harvest a few thousand tons and the dryer is 50 tons/hour, I can’t handle the situation and the corn spoils, but the silobag is my saving solution”.

3. "By using silobag technology, the farmer can choose when to sell his crop"

Ionel Apostu, Prutul SA Silos Division manager, pointed out what were the most important advantages he obtained by using the silobag system: small losses and the fact that the farmer can choose when to sell his crop.
“If with the silobag losses are 0.1%, with silage storage, with or without aeration, thanks to the technological flows we have, losses are between 1-1.5%. The crop is stored in silobags at a low cost, between 2.5 and 3.5 euros/ton, but I can tell you from experience that in a silage, the total cost is not below 10 euros/t. So, this is a big plus for the farmer.
Also, planning the sale is another big win, because the farmer can choose the sale timing. I met farmers focused only on field losses, meaning the 1% from combine and 2-10% from production losses, depending on the technologies they use. Instead, more important is the sale moment. Last year, for example, sunflowers had a 100% increase. I think this is the main silobag advantage, it allows farmers to make the right choice, depending on the market evolution. Farmers must follow the worldwide offer, not only the regional or national price offer” – Ionel Apostu, Prutul SA Silos Division manager.

4. The silobag, ideal for keeping crimping used in feeding cows

Alexandru Baciu, Transliberta administrator and LAPAR vice president, emphasized the silobag utility for cow farms owners.
“The silobag system helped me a lot in the dairy cow feeding process. With its help, I managed to store crushed corn or crimping, which is one of the most complex products, having the highest degree of assimilation. When you put crimping in the cows’ feed, you are sure that the digestion percentage is 99% and there are no more losses.
I placed these giant bags on a bed of sand and gravel. That way, I can download them easily, even when it’s raining. We even carried out the storage for longer periods of time, like a year or even two years with good results” – Alexandru Baciu, Transliberta administrator and LAPAR vice president.

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