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How you load a silobag?

GRAIN PROFI - silobag loading machine

Our best-selling machine, used for loading grain into the silobag. The machine can be loaded with grain directly from the truck, to the bucket, or from the trailer or tipper. Filling rate: 150 – 300 tons/hour.

PTO 540 rpm, with cardan and gearing from the tractor

auger viewing platform at the bottom (toward the tractor)

auger loading auger type, diameter Ø 400 mm

bedspread with support leg

rear support hydraulic drive (for bag)

gimbal drive directly on the auger

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AUGER Easy load 120

The auger helps loading Grain Profi machine straight from the trailer's chute.

Dimensions (lxw: 120 x 140)

Filling rate: 100 tons/hour

AUGER Easy load 200

The auger helps loading Grain Profi machine from the trailer's chute.

Dimensions (lxw: 110 x 245)

Filling rate: 200 tons/hour

Which machine suits you?

M&S Silograin Zero Energy Dry

It works by gravity, without a tractor or engine

working height: 3.10 m

working width: 3.09 m

working length: 5.70 m

transport height: 2.89 m

transport length: 4.90 m


Electric operation (380V)

Because of the reduced receiving hopper, grain can be loaded from trailers and rear tippers.

own weight: 1600 kg

productivity: 180 t/hour

diameter of silobags: 2.70 m

length: 4.50 m

width: 3.20 m

height: 2.66 m

How you unload a silobag?

Ex Bag Profi - silobag unloading machine

Discharge rate: 250 tons/hour, 10 CONTINUOUS HOURS

required power: min 115 HP

silobag diameter: 2.0/2.4/2.7 m

bedspread with support leg

7-9 minutes for loading a truck

PTO 540 rpm, with cardan and gearing from the tractor

Ex Bag Basic - silobag unloading machine

Discharge rate: 170 tons/hour, 10 CONTINUOUS HOURS

required power: min 120 HP

silobag diameter: 2.0/2.4/2.7 m

PTO 540 rpm, with cardan and gearing from the tractor

Which machine suits you?

Dry any type of grain

AGRIMEC TURBODRY – grain dryer

AGRIMEC is a grain dryer, with a capacity between 12-71 m3 and performance from 35 to 300 tons per day, varying from one model to another. AGRIMEC dryers are extremely efficient and have low energy consumption. In the table below, you will find 4 types of grain dryers.

low noise

minimum fuel consumption

high drying speed

total homogeneity of the product

drying any type of grain

required power: min 120 HP

silobag diameter: 2.0/2.4/2.7 m

PTO 540 rpm, with cardan and gearing from the tractor

AS 900 4,54 m 6,29 m 2,55 m 7,82 m 34 kW 15,00 m3 68 t
AS 1150 4,80 m 4,80 m 2,55 m 7,82 m 41 kW 19,00 m3 86 t
AS 1550 4,86 m 7,26 m 3,20 m 8,57 m 52 kW 28,50 m3 122 t
AS 2250 5,07 m 7,99 m 4,00 m 9,75 m 75 kW 44,00 m3 197 t

MECMAR – grain dryer

Ideal for small and medium farms - versatile, efficient, durable.

the heat generation unit can be powered by diesel, natural gas (piped) or LPG (bottled)

complying with environmental protection rules, we recommend the integrated dust separation system (vacuum cleaner, fan, cyclone)

the unit is available with a stainless-steel roof

the size of the holes in the dryer wall (1.5 – 3 mm) makes the equipment suitable for drying most types of grain

PEDROTTI BASIC and JUNIOR - grain dryer

Outstanding durability in time

works with almost any type of grain and oilseeds, because of the extreme stability and precision of the heating process and the moisture level uniformity remaining in the dried grains

works completely independent. Doesn’t require any external mechanical equipment or additional constructions

ensures perfect crop uniformity at the end of drying, thanks to the system of successive batches and continuous recirculation of crop

suitable for drying all types of grain, besides soya, sunflower, rapeseed, peas and beans and even unhusked rice

BASIC 55 3,57 m 2,50 m 7,82 m 22.5 kW 25 t
BASIC 90 4,47 m 2,50 m 7,82 m 30 kW 35 t
JUNIOR 120 7,09 m 2,50 m 7,72 m 33 kW 42 t
JUNIOR 140 4,72 m 3,00 m 7,75 m 30 kW 55 t

Mills for making and storing crimping

MS 699 Martinez&Staneck – crimping mill

Good price/quality ratio for small and medium work quantities

bunker capacity- 1,341 lts

required power - 130 hp

trailer nail support

grinds: 30-35 tons/hour

length: 3.60 m

bunker height: 2.70 m

cardan transmission

bag diameter: 1.52 m

Which machine suits you?

CP1 Mill – Crimping mill – Medium

4 different operations:

grain crushing/crimping

spraying a preservative on the crushed material or additional hydration

mixing the crushed material and the preservative

ensiling feed in silobag

Significantly reduced costs for post-harvest treatment:

grain crushing/crimping

up to 40 t/h with only 0.9 l/t diesel per product

only one operator needed for the entire process, from crushing to pressing

Processing capacity - cattle 15-20 t/h
Processing capacity - swine 8-15 t/h
Reduces the weight by 2870 kg
Silobag diameter 1.5/2 m

SILO FORCE MILL – Crimping mill – Advanced

Dual function, grinds and loads in silobag. Loading flow: 20-40 tons of feed/hour

crushing grains with 25-35% moisture

adjustable feed granulation size

grinding and handling with a single machine

reduced work team needed throughout the crushing-compaction process

low risk of digestive disorders

increased starch digestibility

eliminates drying costs

rapid land release

Loaders for ensiling feed

Silage bagging machine EB 308

Specially designed machine for loading and ensiling alfalfa, corn, sorghum etc.

high quality hydraulic system for machine operation

excellent braking system with internal cable and wheel braking

steel rotor

hydraulically actuated PVC belt, speed control, reverse

hydraulic pivot axles – front and wheels

rotor plate segments, can be replaced

tunnel construction for inserting bags through the manipulator

pneumatic brakes for approval 20 km/h

internal braking system with internal cables - 3 positions

Silage bagging machine EB 310

Professional tractor-driven silage bagging machine, for medium farms.

rotor 2.6 m PTO 540 RPM

hydraulic wheel steering system

2 hydraulic disc brakes with cables and locking system, 2 hydraulically operated lifting shafts

hand winch for lifting the silobag

bagging table with PVC tape, speed control, maximum travel speed of 20km/h

2.7 m tunnel or up to 3.0 m with extension

Useful trailers in grain transport


3-part tipping, air brake

weight - 1800 kg


3-part tipping, air brake

weight - 2300 kg

Which machine suits you?


weight - 7000 kg


3-part tipping, air brake

tarp with platform + spare tire

weight - 4850 kg


3-part tipping, air brake

weight - 3000 kg

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