Optimistic results for Grain Bags Romania, with 1 million euros turnover

• 3,500 tons is the largest quantity stored this year in silobags
• Top 3 grains and feed stored in 2020, in silobags
• This year’s sales kept the trend of the last 2 years
• Grain Bags sold silobags in the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria

1. The Grain Bags beginnings

A family business, started 5 years ago, brought the firs silobag system to the Romanian market, an innovative solution for grain and feed storage. “A few years ago, when I was working in a multinational agricultural company and I was constantly in contact with many farmers, I noticed that they all are facing a problem: storage space. After seeing in Poland and in Argentina how safe and cheap the silobag system is, I said to myself: “Why can they store millions of tons in silobags and Romanian farmers can’t.” That’s how we started Grain Bags company and we decided to specialize exclusively in the silobag system.”, explained Narcis Ranghiuc, Grain Bags general manager.

2. 3,500 tons, the largest amount stored by an oil processor

The silobag system is addressed to both small and large farms. Grain Bags customers are farmers that work between 100 ha and 10,000 ha. Many cow, pig or chicken breeders, many oil processors already use silobags for storage.

“At first, farmers are curious to test the system. After seeing the system effectiveness, more than half of them double their quantities. Furthermore, they no longer want to rent the loader, but buy it from us. The price for such a machine starts from 12,000 euros. 3,500 tons is the largest quantity stored this year, by a large Romanian oil processor company.”, says Narcis Ranghiuc.
Regarding the most stored materials in the giant bags, farmers stored rapeseed, wheat and corn, crushed wheat and barley, corn paste and beer broth.

3. 2020 sales kept the trend of the last 2 years

It was a difficult year, with the drought and with the Covid-19 pandemic, but Grain Bags sales kept the trend of the last 2 years – 1 million euros turnover in 2020.
“This year, crops were affected by the drought and many farmers preferred to sell during harvest because the prices were good. However, there were also farmers who had a good harvest and wanted to store it, especially those from the Oltenia area, from the West and the Center of the country. We also received requests to sell abroad, in the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria”, says Narcis Ranghiuc.

For next year, the company plans to continue the partnership with Bayer, through which farmers who buy seeds or plant protection products from Bayer, receive vouchers they can use to buy silobags.

We are constantly working and growing to cover the entire territory of the country as best as possible. We do everything we can to help farmers, to offer them storage spaces in silobags.” says Narcis Ranghiuc, Grain Bags general manager.

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