Mice and crows, silobag enemies. What methods Grain Bags specialists recommend to keep them away?

Like any storage system, the silobag is exposed to certain risks that can endanger the stored crop, if the farmer does not follow some safety measures. Rodents and birds, especially crows, can seriously damage the bag.

1. Hermetic seal

The rodents are mainly oriented towards the end of the silobag, where the system closes. We recommend paying attention when closing the bag and cleaning the grain residues left around the silobag.

2. Sand at the end of the bag

To increase the safety of the bags, we suggest to put sand or ballast at the end of the silobag and also set up some mousetraps.

3. Protection net against crows

Birds can be a danger to the silobag, because they can break it. The solution is a protective net that is placed over the silobag along its entire length and width. The net is reusable year after year.

Even though extreme weather conditions do not fall into the category of pests, we want to remind farmers that rain, sun, blizzard and snow can’t harm the grain or feed stored in silobag. The huge bags withstand extreme weather from -50°C to +50°C.

4. Following certain storage rules is essential

“It is important that farmers follow certain rules when storing in silobags because in this way, their crop is safe. Farmers can buy Grain Bags protective net and are reduced to minimum the pest attacks.” added Narcis Ranghiuc, Grain Bags general manager.

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